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I understand that due to uncontrollable circumstances like Internet loss, server failure, or other unforeseen events, Prediction Points may not be available every day in spite of every effort on PPT's part to do so. I also understand that in any of these unlikely events, PPT will do their best to notify me in advance, although notification is not guaranteed.

I understand that Prediction Point Trading is not an education company but merely a data provider. I also understand that any information I receive from Prediction Point Trading is up to me how I interpret and use it. I am therefore responsible for my results.

I understand the severity of sharing Prediction Points or any other content provided by Prediction Point Trading and agree never to divulge them to anyone for any reason under any circumstance. I further understand the ramifications for doing so as laid out in section 8 of the license agreement and agree to its terms.

I understand the subscription option I have chosen allows me access to the members area of predictionpointtrading.com and its contents as described on the subscription page.

I agree to the terms and conditions of this license agreement.

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